Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hassle till you get what you asked for!

So no new reports as yet. Still waiting for Metricon to give us the go ahead to knockdown our house...We have, in the meantime been able to sell our old kitchen, wardrobes and even the doors! Thanks to Ebay we have been able to profit a little from the whole process. God knows we have spent enough!

All has not been smooth sailing though..we have had issues with the abolishment of the gas and electricity. I have been chasing Energy Australia for the past 2 find out how long it would take for the abolishment to be completed.

Everyone I spoke to said to me that they couldn't tell me when the job would be completed, but that it had been processed with United Energy. WELL, when I rang United Energy they had no record of the job!

We were so angry. According to the rules of an abolishment, it can take up to 20 days for the Energy company to do the job...from the day of receiving the application. Nearly 15 days in and we only now learn that the gas was abolished but the electricity job was never ordered with United Energy!

On Friday we were notified that the job had been processed and was put on high priority. We will just keep hassling until it gets done!

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