Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Whittaker

Since my last post there really isn't much to report on...only that we received a letter in the mail from Metricon saying that they have our site testing results!  Fingers crossed all goes well there!

Having said that I wanted to post a picture of the Metricon house we have decided to build.  Based on the image above our facade will change slightly! Not so much rendering and more brick work! But other than that we caved in and realised that the Nuvo facade (the pic above) was the best looking of the bunch that we had to choose from - and also one of the most expensive!

Below is a link to the actual floor plan of the 45sq design that we have chosen. 

As many others have done we went to all the display villages and in the end we went with a design that isn't even in a display village at the moment!! All those 2hr car trips with 3 kids! Fun Fun Fun!

I hope to post many of our experiences as we take on this new adventure of building our family home...and also hope to gain some wisdom from many other Metricon home bloggers!  




  1. We love the Nuvo too. Isn't it always the way? The best facades are alwas the most expensive! Love the Whittaker!

  2. Hi,

    Yes so true. Also we are getting a quote from Jim. Thanks.