Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Making the Move

I love to be organised!

Know what's going on and when things are going to happen.  Waiting is not one of my favourite things!

So the past month (since signing with Metricon) has been a waiting game and I have hated it!

Now we are on the move...well be it a small move we now have our Electrical appointment and "Colours" appointment in place so I think now things are starting to happen!

We are still waiting for an appointment for our preliminary plans but I am sure that isn't far away.

As you may be aware we are knocking down our home to make way for our new family home!  So where to live was our next big dilemma!

After doing our sums and realising that renting was going to cost us a small fortune (money better spent on our house), we decided to move in with family! Whether it is a good or bad decision will be determined when we live there...but for now we took the financial viewpoint of "saving money" so we will have to live with it!  In fact I think I could probably start a new blog just on that!

Would love to hear from people who have moved in with family during their renovations or knockdowns.  Any advice will surely help!

So now we have a house full of boxes and have started to pack a few things away so we can move over a longer period of time rather than being rushed out of the house!

By the way does anyone have any experience on selling second hand building materials? We are interested in selling what we think are valuable internal building items such as the kitchen, hardwood floors, hardwood doors etc?  Any contacts would help!


  1. I think kitchens sell well on gumtree or ebay. I suggest Hughes online or the like for floors and doors etc http://www.hughesonline.com.au they are in Hughesdale i think.

    If you want a recycled timber table made from your old house contact Phil at Glory Days Furniture in Epping.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for the info...be in touch soon with an update.