Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Big Day Out

Yesterday was a big day!

We had our electrical appointment as well as our preliminary contract appointment!  All in the one day!  For future Metricon customers I advise you to space this all out!

It took just 4.5 hrs to run through all the electrical requirements for our many wires so many down lights!! Luckily we got a 1/2hr break for lunch which helped my husband and I relax...although we were still very anxious as the grand total was being tallied up as we took a bite of our McDonald burgers! 

All in all we were ok with our overall decisions made at the electrical appointment...even though we did go over budget - I think this will be a running theme for us!

We finally decided on the ducted vacuum and also the intercom system...two big ticket items but hopefully they will be an asset to the house in the long run. One thing that tipped me over the edge with the ducted vacuum was the vac pan connection.  How cool! I have set this up in the Butler's Pantry. I think this will end up being my best friend.  The vac pan is a small suction panel put under the kitchen cabinets that will open and suck out the crumbs etc from the you can just sweep the kitchen rather than having to take out the vacuum etc...

As soon as we finished with our electrical appointment it was straight to Metricon head office!  It must have been a busy day for appointments! We had to park so far away and of course it was raining.

Thankfully we started our appointment with a strong coffee!  Our site costs were revealed and surprisingly ok!  Obviously we went straight to the back page for the "Grand Total"!

After some additional upgrading, taking things out and putting things in.....we are now on our way to finalising our plans!  With our colours appointment  not too far away everything seems to be coming together.

Just interested to know if anyone who is building or has built with Metricon organised their own underground power pit? According to Metricon you can save by doing it yourself...which is what we intend to do.  Just wanted to know if you had a good or bad experience doing this!

Till next time....


  1. Hi,
    We organized our own power pit. It was easy, just a phone call, forms where sent out and job done. Make sure you don't get charged for a power pole if they don't use one. We got a credit for ours. Good luck and enjoy. Karen and Clyde

  2. Thanks for the advice...much appreciated!

  3. A ducted vacuum is the ideal cleaning fixture appliance inside the house. It lessens our chores, most especially with the dusting. Having it will definitely be an asset to your house in a long run.
    Maisie Hood

  4. Thanks Maisie. Anything that lessens my chores is defintely worth it.