Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Colour Appointment 101

I never thought we would leave...but we finally made it home 5.5hrs after entering Studio M for our Colours appointment!

I knew it was going to be a big day.  If our Electrical appointment was long I knew this was going to  be longer....and it didn't disappoint! 

Imagine having to design the interior and exterior of your home in 5 hours! Well we did it!  And we kept the staff back as we took a little more time than what we had allocated.

Starting with the exterior we chose our bricks - Homestead Tan and also the guttering and tiles (charcoal).

Then we moved on to the interior - the kitchen - this took FOREVER! We had to choose the cabinets, the Ceaserstone, the sink, the handles....BUT we got are the colours we chose;

The Ceaserstone was a Category one (Ice Snow) just a really simple look - not overdone. The splash back is called Paris and the cupboards are in a colour called Parchment - an off white. By the way we are getting Bamboo Flooring (Autumn) which is in the background...

We then went on to design the bathrooms and powder room.  We decided to go with a darker ceaserstone bench and a lighter cabinet! I hope this works!  Ceaserstone was a category 2 - Cashmere and the cupboards are in a colour called Pumice.

Then came the laundry and we couldn't go passed these great colours is what our laundry (well part of it) will look like;

Then came our carpet...we ended up going for a category 2 carpet - sorry can't remember the name but if you want to know what it is I can find out...I think it goes really well with the floorboards and will provide a great contrast to the walls upstairs...

Finally the wall colours;

We did a feature wall in our family room (Light Leather and also a feature wall in the master bedroom (Ceylonese).

The wall colour throughout the house will be the Grand Piano half and the skirtings and ceiling will be in the Grand Piano Quarter.

All very exciting at this stage...although we did find that there was a lot of variations from what the Consultant had on her plans to what we had discussed in our preliminary contract meeting!  A bit scared about that so we will need to keep on Metricon's toes!!

Until next time...I need my sleep!


  1. Good selection of colours. I have my colour selection and electrical appointment next week. Thanks for you tips.

    1. Hi Sarah, it was tough work picking everything so if you have pictures it will help. Good luck!

  2. Hi, glad I found your site as I choose Paris splashback around a year ago and had forgotten what it looked like. I could not find the colour anywhere. It's just as nice as I remember! We are having it installed in next couple of days and will post on our blog if your interested. We choose ivory stone and seductive limba gloss which looks great. Hope splashback ties it in. Good luck with build - fun times ahead