Sunday, 12 August 2012

Design Ideas

As you can imaging not much has changed in the past few days since my last post....but I can report that things are moving a long nicely.

We have now signed off on our preliminary contract and we are now waiting for our colours appointment next week!  

I just wanted to post some design ideas that we had in mind for our family room. We are looking at getting a fireplace so we wanted to create a feature wall that highlighted the fireplace but also ensured we had some cabinets as well.  My husband came up with the idea along with the Sales Consultant at Metricon....all we are doing now is waiting for a quote for the cabinets!! I have heard that it isn't going to be cheap...but we figure we may as well get Metricon to fit the area out so that when we move in it is ready to go!

Would love to know if anyone had cabinetry done from did it turn out?

Also just wanted to let you know that most of our design ideas and colour ideas are coming from this great website called Houzz - There is also an app you can download.  Thousands of pictures of people's homes. So inspiring!   

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  1. Hello
    Can I ask how your Metricon home ended up and di you get them to do the cabinet work around the fireplace as you posted your design?