Sunday, 2 September 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy....

We have had a very busy week...

After our colours appointment we have been busy making changes, organising the power pit, looking into building a brick fence for the front of the new house and packing!!

Let's start from the start...

After leaving our colours appointment we quickly realised there were some things that needed to change.  So we began busily checking over our selection and also the revised estimate to make sure everything was what it should be...So many many changes!!  Our fingers are crossed that all our variations are adhered to in the final contract...but we are not counting our chickens yet!

That said we are just waiting now for our final contract to be ready - end of this month!  Very exciting!

We also sent off the paperwork for the power pit.  According to Metricon they would have charged us just over $5,000 to organise the powerpit.  We haven't received the quote yet but at least we know we will be saving at least 50% by doing it ourselves!

And then there is the brick fence. We have been busily looking for tradies who build brick fences as we would like to have one built at the front of the house.  This would hopefully complete the look of our home. No such luck yet in getting any responses back.  We have called 3 builders and 1 hasn't bothered to call us back, one left a message and when I called back I got no response and the other is yet to send us a quote via email!  The building trade must be good at the moment!  All we want is someone to tell us how many bricks we need to order and obviously how much it will cost!  Is that too much to ask?  If you know someone please send us the details.  Always find referrals work so much better.

Then comes the packing.  We have decided to move in with family for the duration of the building process.  We may be a little crazy but when we did the sums it only seems right to save the $$'s rather than wasting it!  I guess there will be many blogs to come about that...maybe we should start a completely new blog about moving in with family....ANYWAY, back to packing.  Not sure where to start...we have so many toys to pack or throw out and then there is furniture.  We have decided to move out sooner rather than later.  This will probably help with the disconnection of electricity and also (hopefully) will help with not delaying the knockdown.

Pack that all in with working a full week and I am not really sure I have anytime to sleep anymore!  We are working to so many deadlines that we are not really sure which way to turn at the moment but we will get there...fingers crossed!

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