Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Exciting Times

In my earlier post "Design Ideas" I talked about our grand plans to create a feature wall with a fireplace. After numerous calls and chasing up from us we have now been put through to Metricon's Joinery Department. 

What's a Joinery Department I hear you say...well Metricon have now created a new division or service available to new customers. If you are looking at creating any cabinetry's or even want to redesign your kitchen Metricon now provides this service. Which is so good...Actually we were pretty lucky to be offered this new service as we signed with Metricon back in June...before this service was available. However our Sales Consultant mentioned that this new service was available to us..so Metricon honored the offer! 

So tomorrow we get to sit down with Leo and he is going to take us through what type of cabinets we can have and how it will all look...which is pretty exciting...I am sure the price tag will be pretty special too! 

Having said that we will also look at doing some cabinets in the study nook which we have near the kitchen and also in the upstairs retreat.  

Looking forward to seeing what the outcome will be...will update my post tomorrow!

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