Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Still Waiting.....

Our first set back....

We were due for our final contract viewing tomorrow  but since we have updated our cabinetry work throughout the house it has pushed us out two weeks!  So we won't get to see our final draft until mid October.

Thankfully it hasn't hurt us in any way but I was really looking forward to seeing everything come together....(not looking forward to the final cost though!)

Having said that we have had some drafting pics come through for our family room...

We think it looks great...the square to the right is the fireplace!

Also we had the kitchen and butler's pantry drawn up for us which also looks great

All very exciting to see the drafts coming through...let's hope it all goes to plan...


  1. The family room drawings looks fantastic!!!!!

    After being in our kitchen for only a few weeks, I would definitely say to consider the following.
    A drawer to put the bin in. Ours is amazing! Another consideration is a drainer for the sink. We have two sinks which look amazing, but there is nowhere to drain hand washed dishes.

    Otherwise, it looks wonderful with all the storage you have :)

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the advice. Definetly have the drawer for the bin! Such a great idea. Will look into the sink. Also we hope to use Jim from Brechlen to demolish our house. Thanks for the recommendation he was very professional when he came to give us the quote!