Saturday, 20 October 2012

It's never too late

It has been a while since my last post. 

Juggling work, three kids and a new house project it seems that time is getting the better of me.

We were supposed to have our Final Contract viewing back in September, but it has been moved once again and now we look forward to seeing the Contract on the 31st October.

We have had so many variations that my head is spinning.

Most of the delays came about when we were organising all the cabinets and joinery for the house. What started off quite simple became a logistical nightmare as we ended up having to change the colour scheme of the house to suit the new cabinets and kitchen layout.

After all this we are very excited to see the final outcome looking amazing.  Below is a picture of the kitchen.  We will be using two colours for the kitchen cabinets will now be in Nocturne Oak and lower cabinets will be in Parchment silk (off white).

Butler's pantry - same colour scheme as the kitchen....

Family room cabinets to be in parchment....

Our Ensuite WIR room - colour Domane Nuance Impressions

Dining room cabinets will be in the Nocturne Oak

So now we sit an wait for the Final Contract date...

In addition to all the joinery changes we have also been looking into the Brick fence we would like to use....this has also been a hassle as we need to make sure the concrete driveway does not cut into where the brick fence pillar will be!  Although I think we have sorted this out now.  If anyone has had any similar experiences would love to hear about them.

And then there is the outdoor room. We are hoping to have an outdoor bbq kitchen area so we just needed to make sure the gas and water pipes were going to be placed in the right positions!  Thankfully we have done our homework and all these additions will be made to our final contract...fingers crossed! Below is a picture of what we are hoping to do....

So that is where we are at!  Aahh yes nearly forgot to mention.  As we are knocking down our home  to build our dream home we need to move out!  The big move is scheduled for next will definitely keep you posted on that.


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