Thursday, 1 November 2012

Where do I sign?

We got it!

We got our contract!  Finally after weeks of delays....we saw the final price!  Well not exactly.  We did see A PRICE...but after all our variations we are sure this will change...

I must say we were surprised to see that most of our last minute changes including all the joinery changes were included..and were right!

It took us from 9am when we arrived at Metricon to 5.30pm when we finally signed on the dotted lines....yes lines...we had to sign hundreds of papers!

So I guess the next steps are getting council approval and knocking down our house.  More headaches to come!

By the way we finally made the big step of moving out of our home.  Last weekend with the help of a great friend and my dad we moved all our furniture etc into my mother in laws house!

Yes not sure if I mentioned that one before...we decided to move in with my mother in law...I guess the clincher for us was saving thousands in rent!  I  may need to start a new blog all together on just living here!

So Week 1 out of our house has been ok.  Bar a few things we are starting to settle in.  It is a bit tight but luckily there is a huge backyard for the kids to play so it isn't too bad.

We did make a little money out of the move.  We sold our dining table and buffet unit as well a the kids swing set on ebay which was really easy.  We also sold some rose bushes and some blinds.  People do love a bargain!

I have to say I am a little sad to say goodbye to our home...but I know that we are making a better life for our family and in the end, a house is just a's what's inside that makes it a home!

Till next time.

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