Monday, 19 November 2012

Where is That Money Tree Hiding?

After signing our lives away we are still no closer to demolishing our house, however we have made the move into my mother in law's house. So far so good, but since we are moving into a house which is already furnished there is just no room for all our stuff.  So the juggling of what we really need and what we can pack up for the new house has certainly begun and after 3 weeks of living here is still going!!

Today I put in the applications for the abolishment of the gas and electricity.  That was exciting...oh yes and by the way someone told me that there is no charge involved!  Oh yes there is!  The electricity abolishment seems to be at no charge but gas for some reason is going to cost us $150.  Let me just go to the Money Tree and get some change!

Another development was the decision to make our driveway cross over larger so that it will be easier to have car access to the driveway.  Again we need a permit from the Council and it is going to cost us around $2,000.  The hitch is that the permit only lasts a few months and we have a nature strip tree (a very ugly one) which could impede on the driveway cross over extension. 

With some running around we actually got the ok (in writing) from the Council that when it came time to get the permit for the cross over that it would be approved so I guess that is a relief for us now.

Another change we are going to make is moving the water meter.  Because we are extending the cross over the water meter will need to move...where was that money tree again....

We are still waiting on Metricon to provide us with the Building Permit.  Just a heads up, most Banks won't approve your loan unless you provide them with a Building permit, so make sure you highlight this with Metricon when signing your Contract, as there may be some issues if you need the loan to cover your deposit.

Oh yes and next week we finally have our Tile appointment.  I am not looking forward to finalising the tiling as it is going to be hard deciding on the right tile and colour.  Hopefully we can stay within our far we haven't been able to do that!  Where is that Money Tree????

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