Monday, 26 November 2012

Next Big Drama - Tiles Selection

So we are still playing the waiting game, so not much news on the house. We have managed to sell a few items from our house on eBay which is great. At the moment we have our old kitchen on eBay so hopefully we can make a little bit of money before it gets knocked down.

The likelihood of the house being demolished before Christmas diminishes everyday but we still have a little hope. Spoke to our Customer Service Consultant at Metricon and we are still yet to get the plans to Council so fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath.

Our next big step is going to pick tiles at Beaumont Tiles. I really have been dreading this. So maybe you can help. A while ago I posted a picture of our bathroom designs....see It's Never Too Late post.

The bench tops in the bathroom will all be Ceaserstone Ice Snow and the cabinets will be Laminex Nuance Finish Domain;

So my question to you is what colour tiles?  

I guess I will keep them fairly neutral but if anyone has any ideas or comments would love to hear them. We have our appointment on wish us luck.

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