Saturday, 15 September 2012

How do you use your Kitchen?

Firstly I must apologies.

I did say I would report back the day after the Joinery appointment however between my work and kids time got the better of me. 

Having said that the Joinery appointment went extremely well and also took just over 3 hours. 

Where do I begin? 

The joinery appointment went beyond just cabinets and colours. The first thing Leo asked me was;

"How do you use your kitchen?"

Leo showed me through multiple ways to design our kitchen so that it would be efficient and practical.  So many amazing things to add to the pantry - efficient use of space and where to zone items within the kitchen.  Cooking zones, Preparation zones and Cleaning Zones just to name a few.  

All these ideas were amazing but I knew they would also have a hefty price tag so I told Leo to "calm down" and that I would take on a few of his ideas. One of the ideas is a Blum Pantry solution with inner pull outs. So great - this will let me maximise the space in the pantry and also allow me to be able to see all the products I have in the pantry - nothing hiding at the back! Here is a picture....

 The next addition was the Aventos lift up ergonomic wall units.  Rather than just having normal wall cabinets in the kitchen we have opted with these great lift up cabinets to maximise the space in the kitchen...

I guess now we sit and wait to see how much more we have to pay!!
I must say I was very impressed with the ideas that came about from this meeting.  Most of our time was spent talking about the kitchen but we did finally move into the family room and Leo was sketching up some designs for the family room feature wall.  Once we get the sketches I will post them up!
Being one of the first customers at Metricon to take on the joinery appointment I can see so many benefits in taking up this offer.  Usually the appointment is one of the very first you will have with Metricon, however being so far in to the building process our appointment focused on the "must haves" rather than an overall experience. If you want to know any more about the process please message me and I will help you out.

So now we are waiting on the sketches to come through from Leo. Hopefully they will be what we want so that they can be added to our final draft.  Looking forward to our next appointment at Metricon.  I feel that we have been playing a very long waiting game and in 2 weeks we will finally get to see everything come together.  

I know there is still a very long road ahead, but hopefully it will be all worth it.  Next steps for us;

1. Final draft appointment
2. Council approval
3. Moving out
4. Knocking down
5. Starting to build

With only 3-4 months left of the year the race is on to see if Metricon start to build by December!!  Only time will tell.

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