Sunday, 17 March 2013

It's Been a Long Time Coming

It has definitely been a while since I last posted. In fact since my last post we have not even heard from Metricon until an email came through on Friday afternoon at 4pm.

We have a site start date!!!!

All things going to plan the Metricon team will start building our dream home on Friday.

We have been patiently watching the grass grow and now the time has come.

Just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience in building a home with Metricon and ordering additional bricks in the same batch in order to build a brick fence (for the front of the house).

I have mentioned this numerous times to our Customer Service Rep at Metricon and she seemed to think it was "all fine" and that we could order the additional bricks prior to building.

Since those discussions took place we have a new Customer Service Consultant (taking us through the building phase). Prior to starting the build process Metricon need to order all the products for the house. I would assume this includes the bricks. I have mentioned the additional bricks a few times now and I am yet to get a solid response.

Would love to know if anyone has ordered additional bricks before.

I am eager to do this as we need to order the bricks direct with the we would hate to miss the same batch.

It has been relayed to us that by ordering the bricks in the same batch will ensure that there are no huge changes in the colour.

For the time been we sit and wait...but will post on Friday with an update.

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