Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Day 3 + A Peek at Coburg Hill Display's

Just wanted to share some pictures with you of the excavating job so far on the house.

Being Day 3 there has not been any huge changes however I thought you might be interested in seeing how the job is going.

Excavators hard at work this morning

Retaining wall being constructed

Bricks (Homestead Tan) were delivered on Monday

On the weekend we went to visit the new Metricon display centre at Coburg Hill (in Melbourne).  I wanted to go and see what new decor and designs Metricon had.  Now that we have started the building process I wanted to get some interior design ideas.

Also I wanted to take a "sticky beak" at the new designs!

The Coburg Hill project is huge...however the blocks are tiny! 

Below is a link to the Metricon homes currently on display at Coburg Hill;

The display that I liked the most was the Metro 32. Got to be honest there are only 2 Metricon homes on display! 

Even though the blocks are small (I did mention that didn't I?), I really loved the open plan - especially the stacking doors leading to the outdoor area.

Below are some pics of the display....

We also went to see a Simonds Home display - their Masterpiece range. I have to say it was pretty dissapointing.  There was no living area and the BBQ area didn't even have room for a table!

It felt so cramped compared to the Metricon displays.

Above is an image of the Simonds Masterpiece home. 


Will post another update towards the end of the week with more pics!

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