Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 14 - Just slab it on!!

Metricon started working on our block two weeks ago. Since then we have seen a lot of excavation and piping but no sign of the slab!

Initially we were advised that the slab would be started today, however with Easter this has been delayed.  The weather probably didn't help either.

We are a little dissapointed as we were looking forward to having the slab down today.  I guess we have to wait a little longer.

In saying that I would have expected a phone call from Metricon during the week to tell us what was happening, but instead I had to do the chasing!  I sent an email yesterday afternoon asking if the slab was going to be done today and I got an email back today from our Customer Co-Ordinator advising that the company co-ordinating the slab preparation were "running behind".

So this is where we are at;
The drains have now been finished.
There is now some spoil on site which needs to be removed over the next few days.
The base preparation will begin next Wednesday.
The pour inspections will take place on Thursday or Friday.
Slab predicted to be poured on Monday the 15th, awaiting confirmation
I have to say I am happy with the prompt and detailed response from Metricon, just not happy that I have to do the chasing!  But I guess it is something I will need to get used to!
We are yet to meet our builder but I am sure that won't be too far away.
Yesterday I met with a Landscaper to discuss landscaping ideas for the house (front and back).  I nearly fell off my chair when I heard how much it could potentially cost! In saying that I want to make sure we get it right.  We will have a fairly decent backyard when the house is finished so we are expecting to add decking and a kids area to play.
Will keep you posted on what the quote will look like...hopefully it won't be a 6 figure sum!
If anyone has any ideas or advice on landscaping I would love to hear about them!

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