Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 38 - Council Woes

Our Metricon build so far is going far as I can see.

They have began framing up the roof and the scaffolding is up!

A few weeks ago we had an email come through from the Council. Metricon put some fencing up around the nature strip tree (to keep it safe). The Council did their routine visit and found that the fencing was obstructing people's path! What path? We don't even have a footpath - that is another story all together!

In turn the Council asked us (owners of the Asset Protection Permit) to get rid of the fencing. We notified Metricon immediately. We called our Site Manager and also mentioned it to our Customer Service Co-Ordinator.

It has now been a couple of weeks and the fencing is still there! Not sure why!! Now we have been given a Notice to Comply from the Council.

I am really disappointed in Metricon. Firstly our SS should really have taken it down when we first talked about it and secondly our Customer Service Co-Ordinator should have chased it up! Not us!

The thing that upsets me the most is that when we were first told we had to apply for the Asset Protection I questioned and queried Metricon as I felt it was their duty to take out the Permit...they were working on the property...they should be liable not me. Metricon were so quick to tell me that everything would be ok and that they would comply with look where we are!

Anyway I have actioned this issue with Metricon and I hope to see this fixed tomorrow as the Council will be visiting the property on Wednesday.

Will keep you all posted.

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