Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 24 - Private Inspection

With the slab down the next step for us is the Slab Inspection from our private inspector.

Metricon also have their own inspectors but we have chosen to employ an independent inspector to oversee all the stages of our build.  We figure the extra money we spend will be well worth it in the end. Peace of mind is everything when you are building a home like ours!

We were given a few names of private inspectors but in the end we chose Houspect -

The company came highly recommended and Philip (whom we have been dealing with) has been so helpful and thorough. 

Philip guided us through the process and also advised us on allowing the slab to settle after it had been laid for 7-10 days. Hence the reason why we are waiting for more to happen at the house.

The slab was laid on Thursday so to my calculations the frames should be going up sometime later this week.

Our private inspector went this morning to inspect the slab and we will receive a report tomorrow.  All things going to plan we hope to hear good news. Keep you posted!

True to their word Metricon sent us a text message the day the slab was laid for the 1st stage (base) payment. The text read - an invoice will be sent to your email and also a hard copy is in the mail. They timed it so well that as soon as I read the text the email came through and today we got the letter...these guys don't skip a beat when it comes to getting paid! All I ask is that the job is done properly the first time!

It is important to note though that Metricon do not wait for the private inspection reports etc...they require payment still within the allocated time frame, so if you are looking at a private inspector make sure they are free to do the job and have the capacity to provide you with a report ASAP.

Will update you on the slab inspection tomorrow.

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