Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 44 - Meet & Greet With our SS

Today we had the opportunity to go through the house with our Site Supervisor Clive.

We were so grateful that Clive arranged a Sunday appointment. As my husband and I both work it is often hard to arrange inspections during the week.

We had so many questions and Clive walked us through the house. He also gave us some interesting things to think; where do we think the TV's will be mounted on the wall etc... Having said that if we give our SS the approximate height then he will make sure the appropriate frames are made so the TV would have sufficient posts to be mounted correctly.

As we walked through the house Our SS also showed us how the sliding doors would work and also told us about the logistics of the water piping inside the house.

We also had concern regarding the network cabling. Our SS told us that we would be able to have another walk through with the electrician and himself to make sure everything would be in place before the plastering commenced.

Below are some more pics of the house...oh yes and we now have a roof!

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