Thursday, 22 August 2013

Day 153 - Fixing Stage...Already!!

I do apologise for not posting for a couple of weeks.

It has been hectic couple of weeks.  I spoke to our Site Supervisor today and it seems as though things are full steam ahead. In fact we should be at the end of our fixing stage next week.  Just need to plaster up the roof of the garage and alfresco area.

The painters were at the house today starting to prep the house.  I got a sneak peak today and the painters were busy putting the first coat on the architraves and they also started their first coat on the walls.

The kitchen is in and so is the Butler's Pantry.  I LOVE IT!  So much space....not sure how I am going to fill it all up but something tells me it won't be too hard.  You may have read in my previous posts that we were getting Blum mechanics to the kitchen cabinetry.  The pantry is now complete with the draws which are great.  All the cabinets are soft closing, which I highly recommend. 

All the cabinetry is in and the handles are also on which is great.  Our WIR looks amazing...again so much space.  I think I may need to go shopping for a few more dresses.

In our leisure room upstairs we have installed cabinetry which looks great. 

All the wet areas have now been sealed including the balcony area upstairs.  Like I said it has been full steam ahead.

On the weekend just passed we went to the Home Show.  I have posted about the Home Show (we went last year as well).  We did find it a little more useful this year since we were now at final stages.  A very long day.  I think the winners at this year's home show were the Kitchen displays.  So many people surround all the new kitchens.  Heaps of interesting new features...I had a sticky beak and thankfully some of these new designs are features in my own kitchen.  Made me feel a lot better!

I guess that is enough waffling from me.  Below are some pictures of the house so far...

Butler's Pantry - Pantry Doors
Draws in the Pantry
WIR in our room (this is just one side) 
Painter's prepping the family room and kitchen
Butler's Pantry 
Front far 


  1. I know I love them too. Definetly worth it. Just need to know how to stock them.