Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 170 - All Coming Together

We met with our SS on Friday to go through the house.
The house was abuzz with painters and tilers busy working on the house. Whilst we were there we also found time to get a quote for the window furnishings. I wasn't too sure what we were going to go with - so much to choose from. Curtains, roller blinds, plantation shutters!
We finally settled on the idea of getting a variety of furnishings for the windows which will compliment each room.  I am still going through the quotation process so I'll give you more details on my choice and who I chose when this is finalised.  I am looking at getting a few quotes (I figure I have the time so no need to rush).
A combination of double roller blinds with pelmets, plantation shutters and curtains is where I am headed.  I have no idea of colours as yet.  I was hoping to make this decision after the floorboards are installed.  This should help us make a more informed decision.
Overall the house is coming together.  The painting has made a huge difference to the feel of the house. Our SS is still reluctant to give us an estimated handover date.  We are hoping for December.  It would be great to get into the house before Christmas.  I would also like to start locking away a landscaper so that our Alfresco area and front yard can be worked on during the Summer.

After all this time we now have to pull up our sleeves and start getting organised. Below are some photos we took on Friday of the house so far.  We were very excited to see the tiling, or what has been done so far.

Looking into the living room - love those picture windows. Waiting for the fireplace to be installed on the wall. Paint colour is Grand Piano Half - Ceiling and Cornice is in Natural White.

Living room - cabinetry still be finished - as mentioned before waiting patiently for the fireplace.

Master bedroom

Ensuite - we have tiles - porcelain to be exact!

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