Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 188 - Anybody There?

We are definitely on the home straight now.

Carpet and floorboards are in...and they look great.

When I started this blog my intention was never to highlight all the errors/mistakes being made by Metricon, but to provide a journal for me and others to show the whole build process...good and bad.

I have to say, now that we are nearing the end there have only been a handful of issues that Metricon have dealt with really well. Our new SS has been on top of everything and has been great.

BUT...there is always a but! The last week or so has been disappointing. To no fault of their own we have been left in the dark as customers. You see our Customer Service Consultant left the company last week. We knew of this departure and we also knew who was to replace her, however her replacement is on annual leave. In addition to that our SS is also on leave. To make matters worse we never even got an email or phone call from our Customer Service Consultant to say that her last day was last Friday! We were emailing and calling someone who wasn't even there! No out of office reply...not even a voicemail to say she had left the company!

Poor form I know from the Customer Service not really having a direct go at Metricon here, but what I want to highlight is that we as customers got left behind!

The problem has now been fixed. In fact I had a call from one of Metricon's Area Manager's who was very apologetic and very helpful!

That's great and I appreciate it, but I just want to highlight to all who are building or thinking of building, make sure you have not one, not two but at least three contacts whom you can call and rely on for information.

Our situation was quite unique and I am sure that it doesn't happen all the time, but it was so frustrating to know that a query I had from last week could have been actioned last week if only someone had made it clear to us that we no longer had a Customer Service Consultant.

Whether you think I am being precious or not, our build is a big deal to us. in fact it is life changing. I think it's important builders, not just Metricon, understand and remember this.

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