Monday, 29 July 2013

Day 129 - Lock up?

On Friday afternoon we received that infamous text message from Metricon.

You have now reached lock up stage....please pay your invoice!  Well words to that effect anyway.  As soon as we got the text message an email arrived and sure as you would have it today the bill arrived in the mail.

Got to hand it to their accounts department....they are on the ball and don't miss a beat!

SO as I mentioned earlier we are now at Lock Up stage!  Well I don't think so. 

We still don't have a front door/garage door - garage roof and some of the windows are not even complete.  Not really sure what Metricon constitute as "Lock Up" but I am pretty sure you need to be able to lock a door!  Would love to hear from some of you who have been through this stage or are at the same stage.

Having said that we got a mighty shock at the house on the weekend.  We had no idea that the staircase had been when we went to check on the house we were shocked to see stairs!  I was so excited.  I had been waiting and waiting for the day I could check upstairs and it didn't disappoint. We will be staining the stairs in a Jarrah. We did try to get Metricon to stain the stairs however they did not want a bar of I guess we will need to start looking into someone staining the stairs.  If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Very exciting times.

Last week was a long week for me and it was great to top it off with seeing the stairs.  On top of that we got a new Site Supervisor as our previous Supervisor was not well.  We will miss him but it seems as though things a full steam ahead with our new Site Supervisor so I guess we are still in very good hands.

Below are some pictures of the house - without scaffolding and with stairs!!!


  1. Hi, We too received the invoice for lock up well before the house was actually 'locked' up.

    We tried to bring this up but they just hit us back saying only a certain percent had to be done blah blah.

    Isn't it funny they wont stair stains, but then I read other blogs and they have stained stairs courtesy of Metricon (same state as I am in)! I have 2 people out to look at our stairs to stain and both of these people have said that they are in terrible shape (we have the same as your stair case)so make sure you check over them carefully, we have lots of chips and nails sticking out. Nightmare!

  2. Hi thanks for your advice. According to the contract "lock up" is not really "lock up" but close to it. We will keep you posted on the condition of our stairs.

  3. Hi, we had the same. According to metricon Lock Up is without doors.

    check week 17 in my blog