Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 122 - Plaster it Up

It has been a busy week at the house.

For some time we have been waiting patiently to see more work at the house and in the past week we have seen the blueboard finished ready for render and the front two pillars (Nuvo Facade) being preped for render as well.

We also had the plasterer come through the house. 

We had a quick look on the weekend and were really excited to see the plaster throughout the house. 

We can now see the house come to life.

Our Site Supervisor told us that once the plasterers finish up the cornices will be installed and then hopefully the staircase and the kitchen will be installed.

I am yet to take a look upstairs so I am looking forward to seeing the staircase! 

Below are some pics of the house with plastering....

Hallway Entry - Theatre room on the left
Dining Room and Family Room - photo taken from the kitchen

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